9TeeZ - Punk Rock Made In Belgium


Punk Rock Made In Belgium

9TeeZ is a Belgium based band from out of Wallonia. They are best recognized for beeing inspired by music from the 90's.

In the 3 years that 9TeeZ has been active, they have grabbed influence from experiences, pop punk culture, Skate Video Games, and all around them. Their fans, friends and grateful people that motivates their poppy, refreshing style the most. 9TeeZ references to their music as "Bring Sunshine To People At Any Time Of The Year".

It was the joyful & funny music from their favorite artists (Blink 182, Sum41, Bowling For Soup, Goldfinger) that had the most impact on them growing up. 9TeeZ's work can be found on Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes, SoundCloud,YouTube, Amazon Music while they continue to craft themselves. People have a general appreciation for the motivation & good vibes when they come across 9TeeZ's material.

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9TeeZ - He Said NO! Single Cover

He Said NO!
- Single -
Coming Soon!

9TeeZ - Unidentified Single Cover

He Said NO!
- Single -
March 2021

9TeeZ - Cheer Me Up (Remastered) Single Cover

Cheer Me Up (Remastered)
- Single -
February 2021

9TeeZ - Spotty Single Cover

- Single -
January 2021

9TeeZ - Be Skappy Single Cover

Be Skappy
- Single -
September 2020

9TeeZ - Listen To Me Single Cover

Listen To Me
- Single -
August 2020

9TeeZ - Summer Cumin Single Cover

Summer Cumin
- Single -
June 2020

9TeeZ - A PeeZ of CheeZ EP Cover

A PeeZ Of CheeZ
- EP -

Video Clip